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The "z0mg Ninjas" Clan
We are an elite group of frisbee players that have decided to take our adventures in a different direction.We are no longer the murderous folk our ancestors once were. Our goals in life are simply to blow up human corpses into thousands of little pieces and the scavenge through their belongings and take everything. If you wish to join this gang of ninjai just think really hard about it...and by utilizing my ninja skill i will be able to tell you want to join and will form a telekinetic mind link in which i will evaluate your usefulness to the clan.
If you do not meet the requirements, odds are, while I am in your brain...I'll change your desktop background and probably call your mother and talk to her about the weather. If, however, you are deemed will be instantly cast into the gauntlet in which you will learn the ninja arts or die trying...once passed, you will be a standing member of z0mg Ninjas.
Look for us where ever you see no pants.....well wait...don't look there...unless I guess you want to look there...but I mean...we're the only ones who don't have you probably would wanna look in conclusion......uhh.....we have no pants.

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