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Public Tribunal

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:12 pm

Introducing public tribunals:
This is where the fun part about rules not necessarily need to be taken literally and the people can decide where to draw the line between legal and illegal.
Plus saves me the bother of having to deal with any and all clowns who will think I was biased or just generally was too lenient/strict without any adequate reasons.

Who will be the judge? Me of course, as usual. But this is your chance in having a say in the punishments handed out, as generally these will be the "gray line" cases we're discussing.

Any identifying information about the players themselves will be withheld.
On the other hand sometimes very detailed records will be presented (either by default or when asked by the people), so the only way to know who said person is if it's you or someone who told you some nasty secrets.

Current case up for discussion always presented in post 2 of this thread

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