Delayed massive advertising campaign - PM admin NOW!

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Delayed massive advertising campaign - PM admin NOW!

Post by Kenzu on Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:44 pm

Guys I just want to let you know that because of admin (who I am waiting for HALF A YEAR to complete certain updates that are necessary for our advertising campaign) I had to delay the advertising campaign so long! I am writing this, because I hope that maybe you could send a message to admin asking him to finish the update, so that I can activate the advertising campaign. You must have noticed that no large surge in players happened this year. And without advertising campaigns, any game would be in decline. Regular advertising games are necessary for its natural growth.

The campaign would bring an estimated 500-1000 new registered players to the game, and even though it is true that most of them would not log in against after the first day of playing, it would increase our active playerbase. But for that I really need the update (the update is related to a short offer to give new players more gold, allowing us even more advertising, and thus even more players).

If we want Aderan Wars to have a steadily growing playerbase this update is necessary. And I am not planning to make an advertising campaign, when I know that an update which can be done within days can bring a much greater success to Aderan Wars. It wouldnt be responsible.

Therefore, I ask everyone to send admin a private message asking him to make the update so that the advertising campaign can be launched and bring many players to the game!
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