Airforce tooltips?(or whatever it is called)

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Airforce tooltips?(or whatever it is called)

Post by moky on Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:12 pm

There is no tooltips of the airforce yet. In other words, there is actually no description about the airforce in the game. I don't really know the usage of fighter, bomber and helicopter.
(please don't say something like "everyone knows what they do". Every game is different and they may not function the same in every game.)

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Re: Airforce tooltips?(or whatever it is called)

Post by Nomad on Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:14 pm

Until Admin has time to add them you can use the updates link to gain a better understanding of how they work.

- After constructing an airport you will be given access to building an airforce
- There are 4 unit types for the airforce. SAMs defend your empire from all other airforce units when they attack you. Fighters help both in attack and defense, however they can only destroy other fighters, bombers and helicopters when they are both in the air (such as when bombers attack you). Bombers and Helicopters can destroy enemy SAMs as well as attack the targets you wish to engage on your missions (attack enemy landed airforce, destroy production facilities, etc.)
- Fighters, bombers and helicopters are built in aircraft factories. SAMs in SAM factories.
- Fighters, bombers and helicopters require free hangar space before construction can start, 1 unit per hangar. These hangars are built like any other building. SAMs do not require hangars.
- Each unit type needs a specific munition type for battle. All types of munition is built in munition factories.
- To reach maximum possible action on any stat you need to have 10 pieces of munition for each unit of that particular type (if you have 100 SAMs, you need 1,000 SAM rockets). The action is then calculated by the power of the units and munition available.
- At the airport you can set when your fighters should defend your realm. This can be useful in case you are planning to make an attack soon but don't want your fighters to get destroyed by enemy attacks and want to rely only on your SAMs for defense.
- You can research more efficient units as well as munition types once you build a research center 3
- You can also research defensive technologies which will make it more costly for enemies to deal damage to you should they get past your defenses. These technologies also require a research center 3.

Airforce Missions:
- Each mission consists of attackers fighters and bombers or helicopters (depending on the mission) fighting against defenders SAMs and fighters. If the bombers or helicopters defeat the enemy SAMs and have some power remaining, they continue to attack the mission target. Fighters on both sides always first try to destroy enemy fighters and if the defending fighters have any remaining power, they will attack the attacking bombers or helicopters (attacking fighters are unable to shoot at defending SAMs). Similarly if defending SAMs have enough power remaining after engaging the attacking bombers or helicopters, they will shoot at the attacking fighters.
- On average, each unit will fire 1 piece of munition per battle. The power of a unit as well as the power of the munition used against it will determine how many units get destroyed
- Helicopters are used for the following missions: Attack enemy attack and defense soldiers and their weapons; Attack the enemy airforce and destroy landed aircraft and hangars
- Bombers are used for the following missions: Atack the enemy airforce and destroy landed aircraft and hangars; Attack enemy training facilities, weapon, aircraft, SAM and munition factories; Attack enemy income production
- Any player can lose at most 20% of training facilities, weapon, aircraft, SAM and munition factories every 3 days
- Any player cannot have their income reduced by more than 30% at any time
- To allow everyone to build up an airforce, these missions will unlock automatically on 1st February 2013
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