Changes to secret alliances

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Changes to secret alliances

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:57 pm

Currently there's no difference between having a secret alliance or not except the fact that you don't carry the tag.
Other than that you have access to all functions and whatnot.

Now time to really make it differ and give some real cons to the hidden alliances

- The combat and intel logs the leader and 2ic have access to will be given with a 24/12 Hour lag (probably the former).
- No alliance chat board (once that's coded into the game) [Either that or like with the logs, some time delay before display]
- Alliance does not benefit in war exp gain of its members
- Some limiter added to prevent being able to switch between public and secret alliance unlimited times without penalty

Main reason behind the lags is that the secret alliance needs to keep communication safe so that its members don't get compromised. On the fly transmission of certain data is therefore not possible.

The point of the secret alliance is that people can still hold together but in a technically more passive way than in a public alliance.
Plus should war break out they hold several important advantages over their opponent(s)

Suggestions for giving something that will make the secret alliance excel over the public alliance?
Could be a new function or whatever

PS: Don't bother asking about ETA

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Re: Changes to secret alliances

Post by cjl on Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:55 pm

nice idea there admin Very Happy

perhaps make it cost so much per change, although increasing per change
10mil to change 1 time
20mil for 2nd

but price goes back to 0 every month or so

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