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Updates for Round 6 Empty Updates for Round 6

Post by Kenzu on Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:26 am

Covert Mission => Counterintelligence
Similar like Assassin mission against Assassins.
Spies attack enemy spies. Attackers lose a maximum of 10% spies, defenders lose spies of equivalent power, but no more than 2 times more spies and no less than one half of attackers lost spies.

Covert Mission => Sabotage Commando Weapons
Same like standard Sabotage mission, but destroys only commando weapons.
Effectiveness is based on the technology disparity between attackers covert tech and defenders covert tech. Amount of weapons destroyed is based on amount of attacking and defending spies. More attacking spies increase number of weapons destroyed, more defending spies prevent attacking spies to destroy weapons (spies on both sides will get killed instead, less spies will be available to plan explosives)
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