January 4 2012 updates

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January 4 2012 updates

Post by Kenzu on Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:12 pm

The following updates have been made:
Invitation bonuses in Cash
You will get 50% of all money invited players donated - You can claim 50% of all money that players you invited donate from now on. (Includes players you already invited and also players you invite in the future). Claim money and it will be sent to your Paypal account. Talk to us if you want to send larger sums of money to other accounts than Paypal accounts. The more people you invite, the better! The invitation page is accessible through the base page. You can convert the 50% money bonus to gold, or send it to your paypal through the invitation page: aderanwars.com/invites.php

Gold is the new virtual currency of Aderan Wars. Gold allows you to buy resources (kuwal, untrained units and attack turns), trading ability (Supporter Status), SS packages, and it also allows you to unlock various features such as colorful names or temporary protection. The gold update allows players to get Supporter Status without having to spend any money. More info: aderanwars.com/gold_spend.php

You can get gold in various ways:
Logging in - Log in each day and you will earn 1-10 Gold per day. 10 Gold if you logged in 10 or more days in a row. If you skip a day, you will start from +1 Gold again, but if you activate a two day protection, you are allowed to skip two days and still get +10 gold next time you log in.
Awards - For each Award (bottom two rows of the achievement page) in each class you will get +10 Gold. That's a total of 400 Gold for Awards.
Inviting friends - Invite friends and you will earn 20% of all gold they earn from logging in and getting awards (but no more than 500 gold per invited player). You will also receive 50% of the money they spend. You can convert this money to gold, or send them to your own paypal account. (There is no restriction on how much money you can receive).
Donating - By donating you will receive gold as thank you. More info: aderanwars.com/gold_donate.php

In the future another update will be made allowing players with Supporter Status to add bids to buy and sell gold for resources and will also allow players without Supporter Status to buy gold for their resources. This update will help new players get Supporter Status without spending money even faster and will offer more trade opportunities.

Minor updates
New index page
New images for ground weapons (All handheld weapons have been drawn by Rebel)
Re-alligned links on the voting page.
Updated Trade Center page
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