Ageing population - negative unit production

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Ageing population - negative unit production Empty Ageing population - negative unit production

Post by Kenzu on Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:03 am

If the population in your empire is so high that the unit production cannot keep up with the death rate. This can happen if you have for example raided a lot of untrained and the 1% of population which dies each day is less than the number of births, then your population will keep on dieing each turn until death rate is same as unit production.

If you have for example 10.000 unit production and a hospital, then your population will be increasing until it reaches 1.000.000, if you raid some units, then they will be slowly dieing (1% per day) until 1.000.000 population is reached. The best way to prevent dying population is to increase unit production (or use soldiers in a war).

Currently no units are dying, and negative unit production simply leads to a negative uu count. The update will kill trained units to prevent negative values of uu.
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