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Post by Kenzu on Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:54 pm

There will be new missions increasing the possibilities in massing people

Strike Mission => Hunt Spies
Same as Hunt Assassin mission
Attackers fight defenders and if they defeat them, the remaining forces continue to fight against spies.
Spies have 10% penalty when defending against attackers.

Covert Mission => Counterintelligence
Similar like Assassin mission against Assassins.
Spies attack enemy spies. Attackers lose a maximum of 10% spies, defenders lose spies of equivalent power, but no more than 2 times more spies and no less than one half of attackers lost spies.

This change makes it possible that not only commandos can target each unit type, but also attackers.
Spies will be able to harm not only attackers and defenders, but also spies efficiently.
Defenders remain fully passive.
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