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Updates for Round 3 Empty Updates for Round 3

Post by Kenzu on Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:22 pm

I am planning the following updates for round 3 of Red Apocalypse (7th May 2011)

1) Winners decided through a Glory point system
After a phase that will last 1-3 days, the glory point system will be activated:
Each turn the player, who is rank 1 will get 1 glory point.
And each turn the alliance, which has a player in rank 1 will get a glory point too.

When the round ends, The player with most glory points will be the winner, and the alliance with most glory points will also be the winner.

What does this mean for the game:
The winner isn't anymore the person who managed to reach rank 1 in the last second of the round, but the person who was rank 1 for most of the time. Same with alliances.

At the same time people will be able to see who has how many glory points, which means that players who have similar amounts of glory points might compete by the means of wars to prevent someone from winning.

Alliances might go to war to mass the person, who is rank 1 to establish their own members as rank 1.

The glory point system might be expanded so that instead of rank 1 player gaining 1 glory point per turn, glory points would be distributed this way:
#1 +10 GP/turn
#2 +5 GP/turn
#3 +3 GP/turn
#4 +2 GP/turn
#5 +1 GP/turn
EDIT: the number of points you gain has changed. To view how much you gain, open the tooltip when pointing at glory points inside the game.

There could be more competition and wars because of this.

2) More wounded in missions.
Currently in a mission 50% are wounded and 50% die.
This will be changed to 80% wounded and 20% dead.

How will it influence the game?
It will be less costly to mass someone, and less costly to rebuild after being massed.

Farming will become more profitable and more soldiers will be necessary to build an effective defense, since less soldiers die.

3) Tech trees for buildings will change so that players can build a university (for training graduates and experts), foreign ministry (for alliances), starport (for trading) already after completing 3rd Construction Yard.

Construction Yard 1: Apartments, Training Camp, Schools, Weapons Factory, Explosives Factory
Construction Yard 2: Farms, Miners, Factories, Offices, Laboratories,
Construction Yard 3: Hospital, University, Foreign Ministry, Starport, Research Center 1
Construction Yard 4: Trade Center, Re-Education Camp, Embassy, Trade Hangar, Research Center 2
Construction Yard 5: Bank, Sam System Factory, Munition Factory, Aircraft Factory, Research Center 3
Construction Yard 5:

4) Everyone will start with smaller populations and unit productions:
Players who haven't logged in start with:
1000 Unit production

1000 untrained
500 attackers
500 defenders
500 spies
500 assassins

Once you log in, your stats reset to these values:
10.000 population and 1.000 unit production

1000 untrained
5000 farmers
1500 miners
500 workers
500 attackers
500 defenders
500 spies
500 assassins

What this means for the game?
Since everyone starts with much lower stats, it will be easier for active players to outgrow and outproduce inactives easily and they will become more likely targets for farming.

Updates that might come during the 3rd round

1) Airforce in Red Apocalypse. After airforce is released on main, it will be released on RA in similar form.
2) Missile silos and cruise missiles. This update can come only after airforce is released on RA.
In research center you will be able to research cruise missile technology, which will allow you to build missile silos and produce cruise missiles.
Once you build cruise missiles, you can fire them at any victim, who can defend with his SAM systems against them.

Researching better cruise missile technology makes your cruise missiles more effective, and researching better SAM systems makes your SAM missiles more effective at destroying enemy cruise missiles.

If you fire cruise missiles, you will remain unknown to the enemy. (cruise missiles can be considered stealth airforce, just like spies and assassins are stealth foot troops). A player will have a limited possibility to spy on another players missile silos to see if this player was the one who attacked him. How this will exactly work has to be decided yet. It could be for example by costing a lot of covert turns, for example 200, which means you can spy only one person each 2 days to see if he has attacked you. And the report would say if this player has fired cruise missiles at you in the last 5 days.

The cruise missiles would either destroy buildings or your weapons.
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