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Warning/Ban System Empty Warning/Ban System

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:49 pm

Just to keep it somewhat organized there are guidelines

1) Always be polite to other players
2) Post in the relevant sections
3) No insults, vulgarity or racism is allowed
4) If you feel you got offended personally by an insult directed at you, report the post in question and it will get evaluated.
5) No spamming (other than the spam section) and no advertising of other online games, which can be played without download, is allowed
6) Masking (writing signs to cover an insult like **** you) will be treated as if you had written out that insult
7) If you feel you got offended, report the post in question and a decision will be made. In these cases what is defined as offensive or insulting will be interpreted much more broadly and the poster might get punished. (Bottom line, be careful with personal insults and posts otherwise you might get into trouble should someone voice a complaint)

modified admin post wrote:Since people are not always clear with what may or may not be passable as offensive/not offensive i'll clarify the first rule of this forum

1) Always be polite to other players

That being said, I will not let the forum degenerate into a place where people invent nicknames (or anything else for that matter) for each other trying to avoid the punishment for direct insults however still openly intending to ridicule or defame someone

"Polite" does not mean "friendly", neither does it mean "accepting", you can dislike someone or be in conflicts with other people without having to resort to defamatory or extremely condescending remarks

Warning system (not limited to swearing)
- Warning
1) 1 day suspension
2) 3 day suspension
3) 1 week suspension
4) 2 weeks suspension
5) 1 month suspension
6) permanent suspension

For each 6 Months passed, you drop 2 levels

Example: If only a week has passed since you got banned for a day, then you will get banned for a week. If less than half a year has passed, then you will get banned for a 3 days.

Offensive language directed at others and foul language in general will never result in a warning but instant ban of at least 1 day.

Expiration of warnings and punishments will be handled at my discretion.
Decisions are final, the best you can do is to ask me sometime later to reconsider the case

1) You are always welcome to correct my assumptions and understanding of a situation but please do so in a logical and sound manner.
2) If I ask stupid questions it's only because sometimes people aren't smart enough to ask these themselves.
3) Being condescending to some people helps me keep my sanity when I am forced to interact with them.

I hate PR, will never engage in it and will rain destruction on all who refuse to use their brains to think before they speak.

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